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Longarm Quilting Services Awesome Artisan Quilts

"Longarm machine quilting services for quilters who enjoy piecing quilt tops, but don't have the time it takes to finish their quilts by hand!" 

Artisan Quilt  Artisan Quilting  Longarm Quilting Longarm Quilting Longarm Quilting 

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Artisan Quilt - Longarm Quilting

Awesome Artisan Quilts are designed to be part of your life. They are often called "functional works of art." They are not only beautiful to look at, but will also enhance your day-to-day lifestyle.  You could even call them "Heirloom" pieces.

Babies are often found seeking comfort in our quilts and you can always cozy up with your own quilt to read a book.  Best of all is the look and feel you will enjoy in your own bed.

Every Awesome Artisan Quilt tells a story. It tells of the natural creativity and love of color and design of those who create them. They will go on to capture the special moments of your life and tell your story as you hand them down to each new generation.

Longarm Quilting Services

 Turn Your Quilt Top Into A Show Quality Treasure!

"Longarm machine quilting services for quilters who enjoy piecing quilt tops, but don't have the time it takes to finish their quilts by hand!"

Many quilt lovers are too busy to finish their quilts. It can often take weeks or months. We work with beginners or experts (with quilts at any stage of development) to turn quilt tops into finished quilts!  We are passionate about quilting and would love to help you finish your quilt tops.   

LongArm Quilting       Long Arm Quilting

Awesome Artisan Quilts uses laser precision sewing technology and can finish your quilt in a few hours - rather than the weeks or months it takes by hand. We use the best sewing technology available. The Gammill Statler Stitcher is tremendous - making precise accurate stitches on blocks, borders and overall designs known as pantographs. We can turn your quilt top into a show quality treasure

Longarm Quilters Who Love To Quilt

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Imagine your show quality quilt with perfect feathers or repeating leaves! Our quilting system can stitch traditional patterns, nature, geometric designs,  popular pantograph patterns or any of a thousand designs to suit your needs! There are many ways to personalize your quilt.  Our long arm quilters can provide you with edge-to-edge patterns, meandering, and/or custom quilting. Together we will design a quilt that will be a long lasting treasure!  

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