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"Longarm machine quilting services for quilters who enjoy piecing quilt tops, but don't have the time it takes to finish their quilts by hand!" 

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Our Long Arm Quilting Pattern Gallery contains over a thousand patterns

for borders, blocks, and long arm pantographs.
  • Animals
  • Botanical
  • Feathers
  • Flowers
  • geometric
  • Hearts
  • Holidays
  • Miscellaneous
  • Sports
  • Star
    Your Quilt Will Be A Long Lasting Work Of Art!

Feather Quilting PatternImagine your quilt with perfect feathers or repeating leaves! We will carefully stitch traditional patterns, nature, geometric designs, popular pantograph patterns or any of a thousand designs to suit your needs!

There are many ways to personalize your quilt.  We can provide you with edge-to-edge patterns, meandering, and/or custom quilting. 

Together we will design a quilt that will be a long lasting treasure! 

  Popular Choices Include:
  • Basic Large Meander
  • Medium Meander
  • Fancy Meander
  • Loops and Hearts
  • Loops and Stars
  • Feathers

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